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For mamas who want to build confidence and a love of learning with their little one while playing & exploring

Have you ever said to yourself...

“Maybe I’m just not cut out for this. No matter what I do my little just won’t sit still and pay attention.”

“I’m so caught up in planning that I don’t spend quality time with my child. I feel bad.”

“I wish our days were easy going, full of learning, playing, and exploring. And most importantly, I wish I could give my little the undivided attention they deserve.”

Mama! You are not alone!

Being at home with littles all day can be stressful. And that’s without adding teaching them on top of it.

There’s more information out there about how to teach your child than ever before, making it difficult to even know where to start.

Then once you do start, you spend hours pinning activities that you think your little one will enjoy. You take the time to set it up and get excited for their little face to light up when they see it.


Your little one has no interest in the activities you set up. They don’t have the attention span to focus for more than 2 minutes on activities that took you hours to find and prepare for.

Then those dreaded questions of “Am I doing this right? Am I meeting her needs?” start to pop up. You start to feel defeated because nothing you do seems to grab their attention.

You feel bad because you spend so much time planning and preparing. You get so caught up in planning that you aren’t able to spend quality time with your child. Which you know is the most important.

But have you noticed? Putting a simple box in front of them provides hours of fun. I mean that took 2 seconds to prepare for and they focused. Did you know they were learning too?

Here's the truth...

Learning at home with your little one doesn’t have to take you hours of prepping. And your child CAN pay attention longer than 5 minutes.

Easy going days full of learning and exploring are possible when you take the time to figure out how your child learns and what they want to learn about.

Planning and prepping only takes minutes when you have simple activities at your fingertips that provide a high value learning opportunity.

I've been there, Mama!

I was just like you. Spending hours on Pinterest trying to find the perfect activity that would teach my daughter and keep her busy for more than 5 minutes.

That’s why I set up a structured child-led approach in our home. Today I spend an hour planning and preparing for the whole week.

She is engaged in the activities I set out because they are based around her interests and the skills she is ready to learn.

Our days have a natural flow that allow her the flexibility to follow her curiosities, but gives me the structure to feel in control…even when I’m not.

And now I want you to be able to confidently teach your child at home too. 

I really struggled with starting to teach my little one at home. I kept thinking “Can I even get myself organized enough to do this. Maybe he’d be better served by a ‘real’ preschool where they knew what they’re doing.” I needed to be walked through the process of starting. I was glad to have all the information in one place in a logical order rather than piecing it all together myself. It gave myself permission to let it be a process rather than “this weekend I’ll get organized and we’ll start ‘school'”. Amanda gave me baby steps and clear direction.”

Anastasia Henry

Before purchasing Amanda’s curriculum, I had trouble knowing what was age appropriate for my son. I struggled with knowing what kinds of things to do and how to do them. When I came across Amanda’s curriculum, I wasn’t sure I’d like it. I’ve seen a lot of curriculums out there, and most of them seemed too concept based instead of experience based. I chose this one specifically because my son is a very physical boy, so he doesn’t sit well. Amanda’s program incorporates learning through experience and doing rather than a more traditional sedentary approach to learning.

Lacie Guenther



Everything you need to successfully teach your child from 18 months until Kindergarten.

Age appropriate activities that are simple to set up with high value learning opportunities that leads to exploring new things and stumbling upon interests you wouldn’t come across otherwise

Guidance through trainings and curriculum on what to teach, when to teach it, and how to teach it

Access to like-minded mamas to drain ideas, find support, and vent without being judged

Premium Access gives you ALL of my current & future curriculum, resources, and  trainings to help you confidently teach your little in a child-led environment to spark a love of learning.

What's Inside...

A full play-based, completely child-led curriculum for toddlers 18 months through 2 years old.

Each Theme Includes:

  • Materials list
  • Theme extension ideas
  • Lyrics to songs and fingerplays
  • Recommended read alouds/books
  • Theme-based sensory bins
  • 4 tot trays for building specific skills within the theme (e.g. fine motor, cognitive, math, …)
  • Literacy connections (theme-based story with retelling sensory play, Youtube video, extensions into art and cooking activities, and more.
  • Letters, shapes and colors introduced with a play-centered approach that supports skills like math, sensory, literacy, and fine motor learning.
  • Special theme activities to support your toddler’s interests and learning needs.
  • Links to online videos I’ve selected on Youtube to accompany each theme.
  • Theme-specific printables to support and enhance the hands-on activities used in your lessons. 

A full project-based, completely child-led curriculum for 3 & 4 year olds.

This preschool program is designed to learn academic skills through your chlid’s unique interests. Spend your days exploring your child’s questions and topics of interests while integrating math and literacy.

Unit Studies: 

New unit studies are added each month.

Spend time exploring your child’s questions, interests, and hobbies through these hands-on, child-led unit studies.

Each unit study includes:

-Invitations to explore

-Activities to answer common questions

-Gross Motor

-Fine Motor



-Science/ STEAM

-Process Art



This section includes general math activities for all the recommended skills for 3 and 4 years old. Have the freedom to jump around based on your child’s readiness and interests in skills.


A full developmentally appropriate  literacy program for learning to read and write. This section is flexible enough to follow your child’s lead with readiness on each skill.

Trainings to keep you up to date on the latest information in early childhood development

These classes are simple to understand and relevant to teaching your child at home. New classes added all the time.

Here are just a few…

Teaching Toddlers at Home | Teaching Preschoolers at Home Learning to Read

Encouraging Environments |  Learning in the Early Years Learning Math

What is Child-Led Learning? Teaching with Invitations Learning to Write

Connect with like-minded Mamas who are following the same approach and curriculum as you.

A forum where you can…

  • share ideas
  • ask for advice
  • encourage and motivate each other
  • have more one on one access to me

Everything you need to confidently teach your child.

Here you will find all the extra resources like…

  • Recommended products and programs
  • Checklists of skills and milestones
  • Printables

Step up your learning game with monthly challenges. 

Every month I will challenge you with learning experiences. Prizes will be awarded every month. Some challenges are just for you, others are for your child, and some are for you both.

A few upcoming challenges…

  • Kids in the Kitchen
  • Take Learning Outside
  • Let’s Get Messy

Extra curriculums that can be seamlessly added into the main curriculum.

Choose to add activities from these add-on curriculums weekly, monthly, or daily. Each one is designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine with the main toddler and preschool curriculums.

Here are a few…

  • Character Development
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Tales
  • Practical Life

Get a 15% discount on the Nourishing Small Minds Box.

(Released summer 2018)

Premium Access gives you everything I have to offer. All my current & future curriculums, trainings, and resources.


100% Support

And of course…my support through 100% of your journey. I teach you how to have an enjoyable day full of learning, exploring, and building independence.

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“I thought that I should be able to work out a plan by myself, but didn’t know where to start. Amanda’s program took out the hard work of planning activities by myself. It gave me more time to play with my child instead of spending a lot of time searching on Pinterest. The curriculum forced me to do activities with my son, like fine motor activities, that I didn’t even think he would be able to do.”

Anjuli Strange

“Tot School was leaving me overwhelmed. I didn’t even know where to begin. Amanda’s course helped me become aware of each learning domain and now I make a conscious decision to make sure each domain is covered every week. My son is enjoying the new variety of activities. Amanda’s program is easy to follow and understand with straightforward ideas that are easy to implement. I love the concrete ways to organize our space and the easy method of scheduling our day. You can take her ideas directly from the program and apply them.”

Courtney Timm

“I appreciate Amanda and her program because it is the only curriculum I could find meant for toddlers to be used by a parent at home rather than in a childcare setting. It’s incredibly well developed and has so much to choose from that one can easily find something that will appeal to their individual child’s interests and abilities. I love that a million ideas that I could have spent hours rounding up online and then spent additional hours figuring out the best way to implement them, are already here and organized for me, which is just what this busy mama needed.”


“Very informative and precise. Thanks for the elaborate explanation on how to homeschool a toddler and understanding the learning styles to manage the learning process successfully. Bless you more with success in everything you do.”

Maria Theresa Padua

I've helped hundreds of mamas learn how to teach their littlest learners at home.


Hey Beautiful Mama!

I’m Amanda, the founder of Sicily’s Heart & Home where I help mamas just like you teach your toddlers and preschoolers at home using a child-led approach. Before becoming a stay at home mom, I was a teacher. I have a BS in Elementary Education and an AA in Early Childhood Education. Most of my teaching career was in preschools and head start programs.

I decided to leave public school to homeschool my own children. I designed this program because I couldn’t find a child-led curriculum that was flexible enough to meet my daughter’s unique needs and interests.

I love using my teaching knowledge to help other parents who know child-led is the right approach for their child, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it.

“The late afternoon slump was a struggle for my son. I couldn’t find educational activities that would keep him engaged. I had seen Amanda’s curriculum, but I wasn’t sure if I would follow through and actually do the activities. But after trying the sample theme, I really liked the variety of activities and my son really seemed to enjoy them as well. They were developmentally appropriate and engaging, so I took the plunge. The curriculum has really helped with our late-afternoon slump. I really love the wide variety of activities and how the activities in each group are centered around different types of themes (science, community, emotions, etc.). I can tell he is retaining a lot of the material because he tells his father about it in the evening.”


Premium Access is for Mamas who...

  • Want to build INDEPENDENCE and CONFIDENCE in their child
  • Want a program that is FLEXIBLE enough to follow their child’s lead, BUT STRUCTURED enough to make you feel in control
  • Want to CONNECT with and FIND SUPPORT from like-minded mamas
  • Want to ENJOY the learning process right alongside their little one
  • Wants GUIDANCE on what to teach and when to teach it, but understands that each child has their own unique learning timeline

AND NOT for Mamas who...

  • Want a traditional, sit down approach to learning
  • Want hundreds of printables
  • Just want to keep their child busy
  • Need a daily step by step plan of activities


Mama! Your child is only little for a short time. How do you want to spend that time?

Wasting hours on Pinterest trying to find the “perfect” activities

– OR –

Getting down on the floor, EXPLORING, PLAYING, and developing a strong  LOVE OF LEARNING right alongside your little one?


The choice is yours...

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“I was having trouble initiating and finding the motivation to do some activities. I felt like I had to start completely from scratch and make everything perfect. I also felt like I had to do all the instruction instead of letting my son lead the way. However, since I already have all the ideas in Amanda’s curriculum, I just get to choose activities and use them as a guideline. I don’t strictly follow it, but I use it more as an idea bank to draw from. I love how flexible the curriculum is. I can follow it as rigidly or as loosely as I feel. Now my son recognizes a routine and keeps me on track! It’s just so much easier to have the ideas and just quickly gather the materials. I also love how new themes are added every month.”

Tatjana Dixon

Questions, Mama?

I’m sure you have hesitations about Premium Access. After all it’s an investment. So let me address some of those questions right now.

Are there assessments?

No. The goal of the curriculum is to build a lifelong love of learning. And constantly assessing children puts a damper on that love. There is a quick checklist of skills for each activity and an overall skills list included to help you understand what skills are expected.

Will I really have time to implement the curriculum?

I get it …You’re a super busy mom with 986 things to do. I’ve laid out all the steps so that you don’t have to worry about anything. It only takes me 10-15 minutes every night to get set up. I even get laundry and cleaning done during the day since most of the activities are child-led.

You have instant access to everything 24/7, so you can gander on the membership whenever you have time.

What age is the program for?

The curriculum starts at 18 months and ends before your child starts Kindergarten. The child-led nature of the curriculum lets you decided how fast or slow you move through each stage. So if you feel your 15 month old is ready for a little structure and learning, then by all means start! If your 4 year old just doesn’t seem ready to apply certain skills then continue working with the 3 year old materials.

Are all the materials included?

Any learning cards, counting mats, clipart, and printables (which are very few) you need are provided. However, the other materials you will need are typically found around the house or outside in nature.

What happens after I sign up?

After purchasing, you’ll be sent login details via email. Simply log in to the site, and you’ll have access to absolutely everything.
As new content is added continuously, we’ll send you an email once a month to let you know what’s new so that you don’t miss a thing!

Does the program work for multiple ages?

The curriculums are designed to work seamlessly together. Many themes in the toddler curriculum overlap the unit studies in the preschool curriculum. So you have access to multiple levels on the same topic which allows you to teach multiple ages.

Will the price go up?

Absolutely. As we grow and the site includes more content, the price will definitely increase for new members. However, you will keep your same monthly membership rate as long as you are a current Premium Access member. Join now to lock in the existing rate.

Join now with a Lifetime membership & never pay a penny more.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. Just go to your account and click cancel. It’s that simple.

So, what are you waiting for mama?

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